A Look Into Our Micro Wheel Wand and Vegan Pigments

A Look Into Our Micro Wheel Wand and Vegan Pigments

We are back to revolutionise your brow game with our micro wheel wand! User-friendly for both experienced microbladers and complete beginners to the industry, this tool enables brow artists to create a beautiful brow look with either an ombré or powder effect. This week we’ll be discussing how the micro wheel wand works with our vegan pigments as well as what benefits come from using vegan beauty techniques and products.

When they first start out with microblading, many brow artists encounter the problem of blocky brows which have by now gone out of style. The micro wheel wand helps create soft, powdered or ombré brows which look much more subtle and natural. This look is very trendy nowadays and everyone is looking to learn how to do this, but only Epibrow can teach it to you! The micro wheel tool can also be combined with classic microblading in order to create a perfect, bespoke look for each client.

Epibrow offers three gorgeous organic ombré pigments that can be used in conjunction with our micro wheel wand. They are:

Latte – a light and warm-toned pigment that perfectly highlights the eyes of fair-skinned or blonde clients;

Cappuccino – slightly darker than the latte, this warm-toned pigment is a medium brown and works well for cool-toned clients with light brown hair;

and Mocha – our darkest pigment is a warm chocolate brown perfect for dark-haired clients.

Naturally, each pigment is also vegan and cruelty-free so it can be used on anyone’s skin. There are very few colour changes after healing, and they penetrate the skin well enough to cover up any blemishes or imperfections, such as patches previously stained by SPMU.

What are the benefits of vegan products, you may ask? Firstly, the vegan beauty industry is going to be cashing in very soon. According to the firm Grand View Research, the vegan beauty industry is estimated to be worth nearly $21 billion by 2025. Last year, it was worth $12.9 billion, so that is clearly a massive jump. Increasingly, customers are looking towards sustainable solutions in their lives, including in their beauty regimes. 

Next, more and more consumers are turning towards ethical products. One of the aspects that makes vegan beauty products so popular and marketable is that no animals are harmed or killed in their production. This means that vegan artists and clients alike won’t have a problem using them – there’s no concern about what you’re putting into your body when it’s both vegan and organic!

It’s time to jump on board the micro wheel and vegan pigment train before everyone’s snapping it up so you can offer the best exclusive treatments possible. We hope you enjoyed learning about the wand and keep an eye out for future blog posts about our wider vegan beauty range, including Hello Henna, Suga Sista and Tan Smoothie!

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