Epibrow Microblading Specialist Course

(Includes Brow regrowth techniques!)



Our microblading course has taken the industry by storm.  As the original founders of micro blading here in the UK, nobody knows or understands it better than us!!!

We were the first brand to introduce disposable blades and we completely raised the bar on infection control.

This new specialist course is unique to Epibrow as we now include brow regrowth training, understanding brow hair growth, and techniques to encourage hair growth in the brow area, enhancing the results of your micro blading techniques.

This brow regrowth treatment will never completely replace Micropigmentation, it will help to enhance the appearance of the brow, giving a more natural look encouraging your own hair to grow back. Many women lose eyebrow hair as they age. The ends of the eyebrows especially are prone to thinning. Micropigmentation has been used for many years to create a fuller look. We have discovered that we can significantly enhance hair-growth after only 3 to 4 treatments., providing the client follows strict aftercare instructions and daily application of Epibrow Aftercare Lotion.

Many of our former students have gone on to become industry leaders and are winning prestigious industry awards.  Putting them in the forefront in such a highly competitive industry.  Expanding therapists toolbox to the next level.

Our cutting edge – 3 Day Micro blading Specialist Course includes

Microblading Measurement
  • Actfast (topical adrenalin technique), certificate achieved and licence for prescriptions from online pharmacy
  • Brow Shaping and facial symmetry techniques
  • Anatomy & Physiology for the brow area, includes hair regrowth techniques and options to encourage a healthier brow
  • Powdered + Hair Stroke techniques
  • First Aid, certificate achieved
  • Fitzpatrick Scale
  • 20 treatment kits with Epibrow Specialist training course. ROI on kit £6,000!!!!

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Kit includes:


  • 3 eyebrow pigments, approx. 30 treatments per bottle
  • 20 Disposable blades for microblading
  • Brow Regrowth Stimulator 5 treatments
  • 5 disposable blades for brow regrowth stimulation treatment
  • 1 Dermal Stamp for the brow area
  • Measuring ruler
  • Practise Skin
  • Epibrow Badge
  • Marketing information
  • Miscellaneous items


This 3 day course can be extended to 4 days to include non laser tattoo removal techniques, please contact us for more information.


All this for only £2,995 + VAT –  Finance options available subject to status.


One day Brow Regrowth Technique course also available for students already trained in microblading, proof of certification would be required. £1,000 +VAT.