Hair Analysis Test


Hair Analysis can reveal and explain the cause of many health symptoms including hair loss, whose underlying factors are often related to toxic metals, organisms in the gut, and food intolerance’s.

A sample of your hair is tested in a state-of-the-art laboratory and an analysis is provided with a supplement plan and proper diet. By addressing these factors and implementing the correct diet, we are able to restore healthy hair by reversing nutrient deficiencies that may be dulling your hair and reduce inflammation that may be causing hair loss. This program addresses all aspects of beauty and health and is designed to give you lasting results.

Hair Analysis Test

The NHL Hair Analysis Test Includes:

  • Metal poisoning (testing 24 metals including mercury, thallium, lead and gold, all of which can cause hair loss)
  • Invasive organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, candida and parasites)
  • Food intolerances (testing over 150 foods, including wheat, dairy, various fruits, vegetables and meats)
  • Big supplement test (testing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, digestive aids and others)

Hair Analysis determines exactly which supplements you need to take to eliminate toxins from your body to give your hair a chance to grow normally again. The test results are accompanied by clear instructions on which supplements you need, how much and for how long to take them. If you have a multitude of underlying health problems, this test will need to be re-done approximately every eight to ten weeks.

This test does NOT show you a profile of vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Instead, it checks which supplements you need to detox. This is tailor-made to your needs and tested against your sample.


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