Helping Your Hair Grow Long and Strong: Stem Cells

Do you remember the 2000s trend of paper-thin brows? So do we, and it wasn’t pretty. People are stuck with sparse, over-plucked or over-waxed brows as a result – luckily, with the technology. Epibrow is using today, this doesn’t mean their hair loss has to be permanent. Stem cell hair regrowth is especially effective for those who suffer from hair loss. Because stem cells stimulate and speed up hair growth it means that anyone who is given a stem cell treatment for their hair will spend less time in the regrowth phase, meaning their brows can be back to their full, luscious selves very soon – and you can help make that happen!

To start with, the hair matrix is activated, which is done through applying the product just under the surface of the skin, where the hair roots are formed. The active substances in the activator stimulate cell division and enhance the quality of the skin. Whilst this is occurring, the skin is stimulated to produce tiny new hairs, which will eventually grow into long, luscious hairs.

The active ingredients in the hair growth activator are vegan high-quality proteins which are enriched with nutrients and have the most favourable effect on natural growth and development of human hair. All of the ingredients in the activator are purely natural of origin. After about three weeks from the start of the treatment, the results are visible: new hairs grow and existing hair becomes healthier, stronger and darker.

The treatment is carried out by an acupuncture needle which is fixed in a permanent makeup machine. Each treatment takes around 30 minutes, and is virtually painless, although some clients can experience slight sensitivity. We recommend an average of six treatments to see the best results, although it is of course up to each client and technician to choose what they believe the best path forward is.

Like many of our other products, our stem cell activator is vegan and completely made from plant stem cells, so in combination with treatments such as Hello Henna or our ombré pigments clients can be sure that they are receiving cruelty-free treatments.

Another advantage of stem cells is that they prepare the skin for much better SPMU results by regenerating it and making it brand new, causing the pigment to stick much better than it would on non-regenerated skin. It repairs damaged hair follicles and skin to create a better skin texture, resulting in healthier growth and less damaged skin.

If your clients are itching to start re-growing their hair, our courses featuring stem cell treatments (such as Brow Medic) are right for you. This is a course exclusive to Epibrow and you won’t find anything like it elsewhere, so it’s time to do the right thing and call us to book!

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