The home of brow innovation!!, Epibrow International have done it again!!

Using our exclusively developed micro wheel (microblade wand), techniques and Vegan super ombre pigments to create fluffy full catwalk brows every single time.   With minimal downtime for your client, our wand will not disappoint, fast treatment time, gorgeous brows guaranteed every time. #browenvy

The Transient Brow Course includes a working kit enabling you to blush brow your way through 20 clients!

Ombre blush brows can be used in conjunction with microblading or as a stand alone treatment. #blushbabyblushthosebrows

2 day intensive training course includes:


Day 1

Actfast Training

Actfast (topical adrenalin technique), certificate achieved and licence for prescriptions from online pharmacy

  • Assists with client comfort
  • Constricts vascular activity ( less bleeding)
  • Reduces treatment time
  • No scabbing or lymph
  • Faster healing
  • VCTC Endorsed
  • 12 months membership to ARA (association of registered aestheticians)
  • Includes up to date first aid and cnaphylaxis training.
  • Superior pigment retention
  • Access to easy-to-use online pharmacy
  • Provides clinical oversight
  • Full comprehensive insurance available
  • Fully accredited by CPD


Micro Wheel Training

  • Epibrow’s new ombre brow magic want
  • amazing, fast and perfect results.
  • Create an ombre powder brow in minutes
  • Natural looking soft brows
  • Easy to use for entrance level microbladers and a great tool for brow masters


Day 2

Microblading Hairstrokes and powdering techniques

At Epibrow International we will teach you how to create beautiful natural looking semi permanent brows. Using our exclusive hand held tools, techniques and Vegan super pigments to create realistic hair strokes perfectly every time. You can create a fuller brow with this technique or a completely new shape for your client. You will leave us with a ‘tool kit’ of techniques and specialist tools to create these looks on this course.

Powder brows can be used in conjunction with Microblading or as a stand alone treatment. On this course we teach you a simple yet effective way of creating the perfect powder or hombre brow for your clients.


Welcome to the lucrative world of SPMU!

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