Male and female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) can effect up to 70% of males and 40% of females during their lifetime. Males typically have a distinctive hair loss pattern, while women will exhibit a diffuse thinning pattern. For both, hair loss can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience. Recognising a need for a clinically proven treatment, National Hair Loss implemented low-level light therapy (Laser Therapy) for hair loss.

Our laser programs have 98% success rate at stopping hair loss using the latest and most advanced technology available. Implementing medical grade laser devices (No LED or OTC lasers) to stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. Lasers allow for a holistic method to stimulate blood flow providing more oxygen consumption, ATP, nitric oxide release, reactive oxygen species and calcium mobilisation.

Facts About Laser Therapy

  • Non-invasive & Drug Free
  • Stimulate Hair into Growth Cycle
  • Available for Men & Women

What To Expect

  • Stop Hair Loss As Quick As 90 Days
  • Restore Pigmentation
  • Increase Hair Density
  • Reduce Scalp Visibility
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Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair

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Laser Therapy & Hair Loss

The low level lasers are called “soft” or “cold” lasers since they do not emit heat, sound, or vibration. Rather than a topical that metabolises into the blood stream once applied, the lasers penetrate 650 nm into the scalp to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and stimulate hair regrowth. The conversion and presence of DHT will still continue, however laser therapy prevents excessive build up of DHT in blood vessels so hair is able to receive proper protein, nutrients, water and cellular energy. 

Laser Therapy in Treating Chemotherapy Induced Hair Loss

Laser therapy has been shown effective in treating patients with chemotherapy induced alopecia. Those using laser therapy following chemotherapy have seen their hair returning up to 3 months sooner and with normal characteristics. The goal is to stimulate hair regrowth so hair does not get stuck in dormancy.  Laser Therapy is a great option for those who have undergone chemotherapy and want to accelerate hair regrowth and for those who have finished years ago and are still struggling with regrowth.