Nothing Lasts Forever: Epibrow’s Laser Treatment

The tattoo that so defined you ten years ago may not be ideal today. Maybe it doesn’t work in a professional setting, maybe you received some terrible semi-permanent make up! This is a predicament many find themselves in, and with the huge increase of SPMU in the current market the demand for these corrections has sky rocketed!  Luckily, Epibrow has the answer. Whether it’s an outdated tattoo, age marks or permanent makeup (notoriously difficult to remove, our Epibrow ND Yag Laser is the solution. Nothing lasts forever, except for your beauty!

The flagship treatment we offer with our laser is tattoo removal. It can remove both dark tattoo inks and lighter coloured (yellow, orange, red) ones. For the dark tattoo inks, the 1064 nm laser beam breaks the ink down into tiny pieces. These will heal out of the skin or will be removed by your own metabolism eventually. For lighter inks, a smaller 532 KTP optical is used. Whilst there is an obvious result after the first treatment, most clients need 4-8 treatments for the tattoo to become completely invisible, depending on the size of the tattoo, the pigments involved and the individual’s skin tissue.

This is one of the safest ways to remove tattoos, with a minimal risk of infection and very little discomfort throughout the procedure. On top of this, it doesn’t leave any scarring in the area of treatment and the healing process is quick, with just a little bit of redness or tenderness afterwards.

Like many other lasers, the Epibrow laser can remove semi-permanent makeup. However, most laser machines are not able to remove permanent makeup because it contains iron oxide particles within the pigment, which are turned black by the laser. Because Epibrow lasers are different from the rest on the market and contain special optical lenses, they can successfully remove permanent makeup without any scars or damage to the skin. This includes eyeliner, lip liner and full-lip colour shading removal.

As we grow older, we tend to get pigment spots and age marks. Our laser helps with this by easily removing any unwanted marks on the skin, instantly making you appear younger and brighter. Using the optical lenses, any spots on your face, hands, arms or legs vanish almost instantly, and most of the time one treatment is enough for them to disappear completely – it’s just that powerful! This laser can also get rid of difficult to clear nail fungal infections; there are clients who have been battling with these horrible infections for months, even years, who will be so thankful for this 100% effective treatment.

It is really important that the therapist performing the laser removal is professionally trained and qualified. Here at Epibrow we run a rigorous course where safety is prioritised and students are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible to ensure they are fully confident and capable of carrying out this treatment. Our Epibrow Yag ND Laser is the future: book your course now!

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