Suga Sista: Our Best-Kept Wax Secret

You may have seen it pop up on our social media from time to time – our Suga Sista paste is the secret to fabulous brows! Part of our vegan beauty range, this sugaring paste is better than any other on the market. And here’s the biggest secret of them all.. it’s not even a traditional wax! Read on to find out why you need to start using it RIGHT NOW!

Suga Sista is made of a heavenly-smelling lemon and vanilla mixture, and although it has the same texture as wax it actually isn’t one. It is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and is only made of a handful of ingredients including sugar, lemon juice, water and vanilla perfume. Because it is based on a sugar formula it tugs less at the skin and removes the hair on your brows a lot less painfully – even first-time waxers have said that it is a lot less painful than they were expecting!

Another benefit is that it doesn’t cause redness after application, making it easy to pop into the salon and straight back into town. Although it is applied the same way as strip wax, it doesn’t cause irritation on the skin around the brow the same way that most waxes do. Its unique formula means that it has to be worked and spread thin to be most effective, which results in less pulling and less unnecessary contact with the skin.

You can use it a little more often to maintain the brow shape of the bushiest, quickest-growing brows, or right after a Hello Henna brow treatment to get rid of any misplaced hairs.

The Suga Sista Your Loss wax is used for brows, and there is also a Suga Sista Strip bikini sugar paste to wax the bikini area too! Just the same as Your Loss, Strip does not cause irritation or redness on the skin, making it perfect if you’re heading on holiday the next day.

And how could we forget to mention that Suga Sista is actually AWARD-WINNING? Grabbing the award for the 2018 Hero Product of the Year at the SHABA awards, we just know that this is going to become an industry staple in the next few years. We’re hoping to build on this momentum and also blow everyone out of the water at the 2019 awards, which is why developing products like Suga Sista is so important to us.

Now that we’ve shared this secret with you it would be such a shame to not snap this up! If you’re on a Hello Henna course in the near future ask your trainer about Suga Sista, or if you’re experienced with waxing you can purchase it off our trade store on our website. Get on it!

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