We Love A.C.T.fast: Why You Should Too

Recently, Epibrow won the award for No. 1 Training Academy for A.C.T.fast. We are so proud of our achievement: we wouldn’t be one of the biggest international beauty training academies without this revolutionary technique. The only legal way to numb, the A.C.T.fast topical course is soon to become mandatory for all SPMU and microblading technicians in the UK and is going to spread across the world too. We’re in love with A.C.T.fast and we want to show you why!

A.C.T.fast provides sound medical knowledge which is relevant to cosmetic tattooing and microblading, which includes (but is not limited to): different body systems, advanced first aid training, Epipen administration and the usage of topical adrenaline under the Medicines Act (1968). Epibrow has trained more people in the UK in A.C.T.fast than any other training providers, and was the first company in the UK to work with them to provide enhanced medical learning to beauty technicians. 

Obviously, this is an extremely important course for any beauty technician to undertake. Staying on top of developing legislation is key to ensuring you’re providing the best services possible for your clients. In the unlikely event that a client would experience difficulties such as choking or bleeding, you would be able to provide medical assistance and know the procedures necessary to help them, whether that’s first aid or phoning 999. In addition to this, each individual has a unique prescription for the adrenaline that will be administered on them, which is protected by the Data Protection Act (2018). By being A.C.T.fast certified your clients will feel encouraged to  trust you completely, meaning they’re more likely to return as well!

Our standard microblading course as well as our microblading specialist course include training in A.C.T.fast, so you don’t have to think about booking a separate day off to take it – it all comes in the package. Naturally, if you’re already certified in microblading and want to add this to your portfolio that’s possible too. It also tends to produce better microblading results with higher retention rates due to the adrenaline.

Still not completely convinced? Remember, A.C.T.fast is the only legal way to numb – you don’t want your clients to be crying out in pain when you’re creating amazing brows for them. Any other method of numbing is not permitted legally in the UK, which is why A.C.T.fast is becoming a requirement, so one way or another you’re going to love it soon enough. It’s absolutely worth it!

Make sure you get in touch with us via email or social media to find out how you can register for an A.C.T.fast course today!

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